FocalSpec’s UULA answers the demand for automated quality control in fast-growing medical device markets

2017. október 30., hétfő, 17:25

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FocalSpec, the Finnish expert in high-precision quality control devices, will launch their first 3D imaging and metrology system UULA at MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. UULA can be used both in at-line quality control and in laboratories. It works especially well in measuring 3D topography and dimensions in medical device manufacturing as well as studying seal integrity of medical packages.

As people live longer and companies continually work to improve the quality of their lives, new medical devices will be developed. Through constant innovation in product development, these devices will increasingly incorporate smaller components and more challenging materials.

UULA can be used to inspect a variety of medical devices and components where the parts must be designed on a micron scale to ensure the devices’ operational reliability. Chips used in microfluidic analysis can also be inspected, as well as biosensors. The former can be used in detecting the outbreak of cancer and the latter in measuring blood sugar or drug concentration in the human body.

The research made in the field of medical devices, as well as product development and quality control processes, can be made more efficient and safe through automatization. As an example, the seal quality of sterile packages in operating rooms has traditionally been inspected manually. This has also had the effect of destroying the inspected package. With UULA, the inspection is quick and accurate, and the product doesn’t suffer in the process, a result that saves resources as well as reduces waste.

Medical device markets growing – quality control is key to ensuring safety

The market for medical devices is growing at an accelerating pace. According to the latest market analysis, it will cross the $400 billion line at the turn of the next decade. One source for the growth will be the proliferation of wearable medical devices. To ensure their functionality and safety, quality control standards will be set at a very high level.

Through launching UULA, FocalSpec aims to answer these strict demands in a fast-growing market segment. LCI enables customers to model even the most demanding surfaces and shapes, from multi-layered to transparent surfaces. The technology detects millions of 3D points per second, and detects irregularities of even one micron. This makes it superior in both speed and accuracy to other quality control methods on the market.

“We are very proud of the product, as it allows us to answer our clients demands even better. UULA is the embodiment of our development so far, and it opens up opportunities for us to act even in the most cutting edge and fast-growing industry sectors,” states Sauli Törmälä, CEO, FocalSpec.

As well as medical devices, UULA can be utilized in a variety of industrial processes, including consumer electronics, automotive industry, in steel manufacturing, as well as in plastics and containers.

FocalSpec is a privately held Finnish high-tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for online quality control and manufacturing line process optimization. The company operates globally through its subsidiaries in Atlanta, USA and Ratingen, Germany as well as a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.

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